Free for Non-profits

If you are a non-profit organization active in the field of the HIV and AIDS response, we will be more than happy to see you join the .hiv community. And to make it an easy step for you, your .hiv domain will be free of charge.

Why should my organization do that?

Using the .hiv domain improves search engine results for your organization.

The web address matching your field of work adds visibility and meaning to your online content.

Together, .hiv domais create a global network that amplifies the work of each and every initiative with a focus on HIV and AIDS.

Some basic guidelines

There are some bits and pieces that we need from you when providing you with a free .hiv domain:

  1. Use it! Forwarding to your standard web address or social media account is the minimum. If you run individual content under your .hiv, like or, that's just awesome!
  2. We stand behind one goal: the end of AIDS. You fight with us to reach this goal – and this is reflected on your website.
  3. Your work is based on absolute respect for human rights and offers no room for discrimination and stigmatization. This is reflected on your website.
  4. The work and projects reflected on your website are in line with international law, as well as with the UNAIDS agenda.
  5. Your way to communicate is free of prejudices and does not stoke fear.

Finally, we invite you to integrate the Red Ribbon Flag so that internet users will know what the domain is all about. But that's your's to decide.