The team

dotHIV is a charitable association with a small but dedicated member base. We all have been part of the .hiv story over years, as co-founders, colleagues and volunteers : 

Carolin Silbernagl, Philipp Kafkoulas, Markus Tacker, Stefan Förster, Michel Foertsch, Greta Philine Jeske, Ina von Rosenstiel, Michael Trautmann, Michael Twist, Daniel Raschke, Martin Poggenclaas and Tobias Mölder.


Two of us went on the road a lot to let the world know about .hiv : Carolin and Michael. And we both were happy to speak on TEDx stages to share our very personal .hiv stories with a big audience. Have fun tuning in to get to know us a bit better.


The dotHIV family is bigger though! Many thanks to our alumni Maria Schönfeld, Piotr Stefankiewicz, Daniella Römer, Emma Watson, Lubumbe van de Velde and Vyara Doykowa.

And there are all those wonderful people and organizations that helped us shoulder the big adventure of the .hiv story - go get to know them here.

Heavy stuff

We believe in transparency. Down here, you'll find the central legal documents for your review and scrutiny.
If you miss something, drop us a note.