The digital Red Ribbon  

We are dotHIV.  We are working for the end of AIDS using the power of the Internet.

HIV is different from what it was 30 years ago. Medical breakthroughs have turned the former death sentence into a chronic, but treatable illness. With generic drugs, lifesaving medication can be as cheap as 40¢ a day.


And still, over one million people die from the deadly consequences of HIV every single year: AIDS is still one of the prime killers of mankind. Discrimination and social exclusion overshadow the lives of those affected and the good work of so many people and organizations working for further progress. It stands against effective prevention, frank communication and open arms and hearts.


The first steps are taken: Our generation has the power to end AIDS. Let's fight for life and end the stigma, together.
This is the vision of dotHIV. Read more about our field of impact

Our Work

We believe that the digital world – the Internet, mobile technologies, big and small data –  has the potential to better our lives and interaction.


We believe in the communicative power of networks and in the visibility and reach of many doing small things together.


To us, it makes tremendous sense to shout out loud and lower the hurdles to information and engagement by using the tools of information and communication technologies. This is why we work with IT for the end of AIDS. Read more about our activities and projects.



Your digital Red Ribbon for your website is only one click away.

Our Story

The .hiv Story. It's our biggest coup - so far. And we are massively proud of it! For five years, until December 2015, we have been more than a charitable association. We have been “one of the most exciting social enterprises of the past years" (enorm Magazin).

In 2011 we decided to turn the search bar of your browser – a space that we all use in our daily digital routine – in an innovative advertisement space for the end of AIDS. With .hiv, we initiated and launched the world's first charitable domain ending. 


Big brands, media, creatives and activists from around the globe since then went for a .hiv address as a second, socially conscious entrance door to their website.  .hiv domain names are digital Red Ribbons: they raise funds and awareness for the fight against the virus, and send a broadly visible sign of solidarity to global digital village. All surplus from domain sales is donated to charitable HIV project work, and HIV organizations receive their .hiv address for free.


Because small is beautiful to start up and innovate, but big has massive advantages for scaling up, we recently took an important step: On World AIDS Day 2015 (Dec 1st), we have handed over the registry ownership and operations for .hiv domain names to Uniregistry  Corp. One of the Top5 global market leaders in new domain names, innovators and forward thinkers, they are the best home to bring .hiv to the next level. Of course we will continue to support our brainchild and baby where and whenever we can: dotHIV stays on board as a social sounding board and link to the community. Learn more about the big .hiv adventure.

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